7.13 / Reflection in Denver

We are getting close to the end of our summer here in Denver, and we’re going to miss it. This summer has been so different than we expected, but goodness has the Lord been faithful.

Here’s what has been happening this past week!

One of our teammates left on Monday to help his parents move out of their home! Pray that goes well! So we are now down to 7 Denverites. The rest of us have been enjoying our last weeks. Those with jobs sent in their 2-weeks-notice, which made the fact that we are leaving more of a reality. *CUE TEARS* We have been filling our time with card games (a must with our team) and doing/seeing as much as we possibly can!

We have continued enjoying our time with the Cypress church plant team. We have felt like a part of their mission and it’s been a really neat experience. This past Sunday, Cypress had some of their mission teams from other states visiting, so there were so many people at our weekly gathering!! It was awe-inspiring to see all of these people from all over gather together in the name of Jesus. In addition to this, we have a new sibling! Someone came to know the Lord through one of Cypress’ teams! WOOHOO!! It has truly been amazing to come alongside this church body. We are so thankful for the ways they have blessed us and encouraged us this summer.

The other night, our team got together and discussed what the Lord had been teaching us over the summer. The unanimous opinion was that this summer looked a lot different that our initial expectations. Being the ‘guinea pig’ group brought on many challenges that took us by surprise. Our housing situation was not what we thought. Cars broke down, jobs didn’t come easily, and even the city itself surprised us in a few ways.

In all of this, it’s amazing to see how the Lord equipped each of us to take things as they came, and continue to serve each other through the changes. God has refined us and has exceeded our expectations. His plans are always best, even if that’s hard to see in the midst of changed plans. He grew us in ways that wouldn’t have been possible if all went as expected. From conversing with the homeless in the park, to befriending coworkers, and reaching out to neighbors, to witnessing the inner-workings of a church plant, God has been PRESENT through it all. It is difficult to fully see the impact we’ve had here, but we are choosing to trust that our Father is sovereign and has a plan, even once we leave. He is in Denver. And we trust Him with the hearts of the locals we’ve met.

We’re so thankful for a summer spent in one of the coolest cities we have ever been to (let alone, lived in!) with a community of believers. It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost over. On the other hand, we are looking forward to applying what we’ve learned to our lives back in Auburn, or wherever we may go. We pray that we will continue to bring glory to the Father for what He has done, is doing, and will do!

Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming- we want to finish this race well.

-The Denverites