7.20 / Ap Recap

The Lord has done mighty and incredible things both in and through our team in Apalachicola this summer. We were able to ask the team a few questions to get a recap of their time.

1. What was unexpected about the trip?

“How much fun it would be! I came into this summer thinking all we would do is go to work, come home, and read the Word together. All those things are great of course, but it has been so much more than that! We had such spontaneous adventures and fun that brought us closer as a team.”

“Community was much more rich than I expected. With there being 17 of us, it was a surprise to me that we have all really enjoyed being together.”

“I would agree- I didn’t expect to get so close to everyone. We are really different from each other, but the Lord used that to bring us even closer. The unity we had as a team was amazing and allowed our group dynamic to thrive.”

“Something that surprised me was the hospitality of the Apalach community. They were very accepting AND loving toward us. I would be convicted because some days they loved us better than we loved them.

Boat tour with the group!
Team day boat ride
Just munchin on some grub with the coolest team ever

2. What was the hardest thing about the trip?

“In college we learn to be independent and take care of ourselves. But in Apalach, we had to be dependent on the whole team. There would be days where I would want to be by myself and do my own thing, but God had other plans in mind!”

“Learning to be FOR each other. We practiced loving and honoring each other above ourselves, and that is not an easy task. We had to fight the temptations to be selfish. This was a really tough thing to learn and practice, but it was so fruitful.”

“Honestly I would say the hardest things was being really exhausted. We would go to work, cook dinner, hang out as a team, share Christ with new friends, go to youth group every week. But in all of it, we realize that there is something so precious and rewarding in being spent for the name of Jesus.”

Weekly work out classes!! #tiring
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VBS week(s)


3. What were some of your favorite moments from the summer?

“Jumping in the ocean fully clothed! It made for a hilarious story. I’ve loved all of our fun spontaneous times together!”

“A few nights ago, we worshiped on the beach while looking at the stars. Most of us had never seen stars quite like that. It was amazing to reflect on God’s creativity and magnitude.”

“We had a bunch of different ministry opportunities. The other day we got to talk with this man who recently became a believer and he had a really neat story. It was encouraging to be reminded that there are people in Apalach who love the Lord.”

“I really enjoyed the times we got to spend with the PSJ team! Even though we have been so close in proximity to them all summer, we have had such different schedules. So the times we hung out as a group were uplifting as we got to exchange stories and see some fresh faces!”

“We got a shout-out from the Mayor of Apalachicola at the 4th of July parade! So that was pretty cool! On a serious note, it’s pretty amazing to see that God is making an impact in Apalach through our Auburn church. They know Auburn students and they really love us well.”

Sunset from the island Piggly Wiggly
Getting tossed into the ocean fully clothed..


4. How can we pray as y’all head back to Auburn?

“We have learned a lot about trusting God in Apalach, and we ask that you would pray that we can apply that to our lives as we come back to Auburn. Pray that God would continue moving in us when we come back.”

“Pray for the town of Apalach. It was really burdensome to see the brokenness up close. Pray that God will do a mighty work through the ministries and believers there to reach the town for Christ.”

We thank you for your prayers over our team this summer.
God is so good and He answers our prayers in a way that is good for us.
All glory to Him from our summer in Apalachicola.
God is mighty, able, and majestic forever and ever.

Apalach leaves 3
back to the first picture we ever took together!