7.25 / Denver Debrief

We had the chance to get in on the Denver team’s debrief meeting. Here are a few things we wanted to share with our readers!

What was unexpected about the trip?

“Our living situation. Our house was under construction while we were living there, which made it a little challenging.”

“Some of our jobs were more time consuming than we thought they would be. This made the summer more tiring than we had expected!”

“One thing that was unexpected was that many people in Denver have different views that many in Auburn, especially in terms of spiritual views.”

“Forming relationships was more of a challenge than we thought. People who live here even have a hard time making friends, so the fact that we were only here for a couple of months made that even harder.”


What are some big lessons the Lord taught you?

“I learned a lot about prayer and how important it is to take EVERYTHING to the Lord!”

“The Lord taught me how to rest, slow down, and listen to the Spirit.”

“One thing I learned was how to take advantage of every opportunity to weave Gospel threads into everyday conversations.”

“We tend to limit ourselves in terms of what we can accomplish, but we can depend fully on the Spirit of God living within us because He is so much more capable!”


What are some of your favorite memories?

“Watching 4th of July fireworks on top of a building!”

“I would definitely say going to the zoo for Tara’s birthday!!”

“One of my favorite memories was spending time with the neighbors out in our front yards!”

“I really enjoyed the time we spent praying at Ruby Hill (which is a park that overlooks the whole city).”

“When Corbin got a 3-inch long splinter in his foot and it took about 5 people to get it out!”


What was the hardest part about the trip?

“Jobs were a lot more demanding than we expected.”

“One thing that was hard, but good in ways was getting a glimpse of what it will be like when we are out of college and working in the ‘real world.'”

“The logistics of working out transportation with only a few cars and not being close to public transportation was difficult to figure out.”

“Denver is a spiritually dark city. It was challenging to shine Christ’s light because there are many things that the city chooses over Him.”

“I would say the hardest thing was watching people try to find contentment in things of this world.”


How can we pray as y’all head back home?

“Please pray for Cypress church. They are launching the church in September, so  pray that God will continue to grow them and bring people into their family.”

“Pray for Skylar and Don’s families (families involved in the church plant). They both have babies on the way and there is already a lot on their plates.”

“We have learned so much here in Denver and we ask you to pray that we will bring these back to Auburn with us. Pray that this summer won’t live in our memories as a spiritual high.”

“Pray for the Auburn team coming next year. Pray that things will go smoothly for them and that they will learn from our experiences.”

Thank you for all of your prayers over us this summer. We are so thankful. And we are looking forward to reuniting with many of our friends back in Auburn!

-Denverites, over and out

Denver group hike