7.25 / PSJ Recap

We had the chance to interview our PSJ team to get a good overview of the summer! Here are some of the questions we asked and answers we received.

What was unexpected about the trip?

“This one calls for a story. Last summer, our team met a sweet boy who was in the 13+ group in the gym program. He seemed to love being mischievous and troublesome among the other boys. When we arrived this summer, we could already see how the Lord had matured him over the course of one short year. For the first few weeks, he came over every morning and afternoon to join in our worship / reading time. We have loved watching how God continues shaping him to look more like Christ. We certainly did not expect this boy from last summer to be so eager to spend time with us and learn about the Lord, but praise God for the ways He works!”


What are some of your favorite memories?

“Body surfing the waves of St. George Island!!”

“I had left St. Joe for a quick family vacation, so I had missed a few days at the gym. Monday morning came and I walked back into the gym, and about 30 little kids came running (and screaming) to hug me and find out where I had been all that time!”

“One of my favorite memories was getting to hang out with this 8 year old boy on our field trip and listening to “church music” with him.”


What was the hardest part of the trip?

“As a group, we think that the biggest struggle this summer was learning to balance  discipline and love for the kids in the gym program. We had to learn what it is like to lovingly discipline young kids while pointing them to Christ at the same time.”


What are some big lessons the Lord taught you?

“Patience! We had to really practice patience with the children at the gym and with each other this summer.”

“The Lord has been teaching me that in the past, my joy came from my circumstances and people around me. But it really needs to be coming from the Lord. He taught me to pray daily for my joy to be from Him, and I can see how faithful He has been in providing me with this!”

“I’ve learned a lot about being in the present and finding my contentment in Christ.”


What can we be praying as y’all head home?

“We would love for y’all to pray over the sweet kiddos we’ve met this summer. Please pray that they will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

“Please pray that our faith will continue growing as we come back and that our community will stand firm once back in Auburn.”

“Pray that we will have the same Gospel mindset as we come home. When we were in PSJ, it seemed easy because sharing the Gospel was constantly on our minds. But since we’ve been back, it’s easy to get caught up in the little things and forget our purpose.”

Thank you for dedicating time to pray over us this summer. It meant so much to us and the Lord heard every prayer. We are sad to leave, but we also look forward to seeing everyone back home!

-St. Joes, signing off


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