7.25 / Denver Debrief

We had the chance to get in on the Denver team’s debrief meeting. Here are a few things we wanted to share with our readers!

What was unexpected about the trip?

“Our living situation. Our house was under construction while we were living there, which made it a little challenging.”

“Some of our jobs were more time consuming than we thought they would be. This made the summer more tiring than we had expected!”

“One thing that was unexpected was that many people in Denver have different views that many in Auburn, especially in terms of spiritual views.”

“Forming relationships was more of a challenge than we thought. People who live here even have a hard time making friends, so the fact that we were only here for a couple of months made that even harder.”


What are some big lessons the Lord taught you?

“I learned a lot about prayer and how important it is to take EVERYTHING to the Lord!”

“The Lord taught me how to rest, slow down, and listen to the Spirit.”

“One thing I learned was how to take advantage of every opportunity to weave Gospel threads into everyday conversations.”

“We tend to limit ourselves in terms of what we can accomplish, but we can depend fully on the Spirit of God living within us because He is so much more capable!”


What are some of your favorite memories?

“Watching 4th of July fireworks on top of a building!”

“I would definitely say going to the zoo for Tara’s birthday!!”

“One of my favorite memories was spending time with the neighbors out in our front yards!”

“I really enjoyed the time we spent praying at Ruby Hill (which is a park that overlooks the whole city).”

“When Corbin got a 3-inch long splinter in his foot and it took about 5 people to get it out!”


What was the hardest part about the trip?

“Jobs were a lot more demanding than we expected.”

“One thing that was hard, but good in ways was getting a glimpse of what it will be like when we are out of college and working in the ‘real world.'”

“The logistics of working out transportation with only a few cars and not being close to public transportation was difficult to figure out.”

“Denver is a spiritually dark city. It was challenging to shine Christ’s light because there are many things that the city chooses over Him.”

“I would say the hardest thing was watching people try to find contentment in things of this world.”


How can we pray as y’all head back home?

“Please pray for Cypress church. They are launching the church in September, so  pray that God will continue to grow them and bring people into their family.”

“Pray for Skylar and Don’s families (families involved in the church plant). They both have babies on the way and there is already a lot on their plates.”

“We have learned so much here in Denver and we ask you to pray that we will bring these back to Auburn with us. Pray that this summer won’t live in our memories as a spiritual high.”

“Pray for the Auburn team coming next year. Pray that things will go smoothly for them and that they will learn from our experiences.”

Thank you for all of your prayers over us this summer. We are so thankful. And we are looking forward to reuniting with many of our friends back in Auburn!

-Denverites, over and out

Denver group hike


7.13 / Reflection in Denver

We are getting close to the end of our summer here in Denver, and we’re going to miss it. This summer has been so different than we expected, but goodness has the Lord been faithful.

Here’s what has been happening this past week!

One of our teammates left on Monday to help his parents move out of their home! Pray that goes well! So we are now down to 7 Denverites. The rest of us have been enjoying our last weeks. Those with jobs sent in their 2-weeks-notice, which made the fact that we are leaving more of a reality. *CUE TEARS* We have been filling our time with card games (a must with our team) and doing/seeing as much as we possibly can!

We have continued enjoying our time with the Cypress church plant team. We have felt like a part of their mission and it’s been a really neat experience. This past Sunday, Cypress had some of their mission teams from other states visiting, so there were so many people at our weekly gathering!! It was awe-inspiring to see all of these people from all over gather together in the name of Jesus. In addition to this, we have a new sibling! Someone came to know the Lord through one of Cypress’ teams! WOOHOO!! It has truly been amazing to come alongside this church body. We are so thankful for the ways they have blessed us and encouraged us this summer.

The other night, our team got together and discussed what the Lord had been teaching us over the summer. The unanimous opinion was that this summer looked a lot different that our initial expectations. Being the ‘guinea pig’ group brought on many challenges that took us by surprise. Our housing situation was not what we thought. Cars broke down, jobs didn’t come easily, and even the city itself surprised us in a few ways.

In all of this, it’s amazing to see how the Lord equipped each of us to take things as they came, and continue to serve each other through the changes. God has refined us and has exceeded our expectations. His plans are always best, even if that’s hard to see in the midst of changed plans. He grew us in ways that wouldn’t have been possible if all went as expected. From conversing with the homeless in the park, to befriending coworkers, and reaching out to neighbors, to witnessing the inner-workings of a church plant, God has been PRESENT through it all. It is difficult to fully see the impact we’ve had here, but we are choosing to trust that our Father is sovereign and has a plan, even once we leave. He is in Denver. And we trust Him with the hearts of the locals we’ve met.

We’re so thankful for a summer spent in one of the coolest cities we have ever been to (let alone, lived in!) with a community of believers. It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost over. On the other hand, we are looking forward to applying what we’ve learned to our lives back in Auburn, or wherever we may go. We pray that we will continue to bring glory to the Father for what He has done, is doing, and will do!

Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming- we want to finish this race well.

-The Denverites

6.29 / Denver; pictures and stories

The Denver team has sent us their new update from the past week!!

“It is SO crazy that we are halfway through the summer! It’s hard to believe that we have already been in Denver for a month. We have been as busy as ever this past week.

On Friday, we had the joy of celebrating Alex’s birthday! Complete with lights, banners, cards, and party hats!


Also, last weekend we got to go on a fun team hike!! We had a great time together, praising God and enjoying His creation. Times like this are so sweet to reflect on the big picture because so often we get caught up in things of this world.


Finally, Cam came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed his company and the encouragement from his visit. While he was here, our team plus a few neighbors got together and prayed over the city of Denver. And someone snapped a quick pic:


On Wednesday night, we got to spend time with our summer church family cooking out and enjoying fellowship. It has been such a JOY getting to know this wonderful group of believers. They continue to welcome us and make us feel at home here. It has been great fun being a part of their body this summer. We have truly gotten to experience the body of Christ at work in Denver.

Cool Story Time!

One prime example of this happened last week: Since we are staying in Skylar (the head church planter of Cypress)’s future house, he is doing some projects on the house throughout the summer to prepare it for him and his family. As he redid the flooring this past week, us girls had to be out of the house. Instead of having to spend money on a hotel room, the GenSend girls (a NAMB team that is here in Denver this summer) opened up their home and let us stay with them! And I’m not talking just sleeping on air mattresses and whatnot. No- they got us to take their beds while they slept on couches and air mattresses! We were so moved by their generosity. We barely even know each other, but that didn’t stop them from showing incredible kindness towards us. Through our time with them, we have become great friends. The body of Christ is so so amazing. Pray that we are able to continue blessing one another this summer!

Lately, we have met more people and extended an invitation to them to come to Cypress church. This has been a cool opportunity, but hasn’t had the results we’re hoping for. The only people who have accepted the invitation to visit Cypress so far are our neighbors. We are so thankful that they accepted, but we long for more responses like theirs. We trust that God is in control of this and that there is a reason behind each person’s “yes” or “no” to our invitation. But we also ask that you will join us in praying that more will come to the church. Not for numbers, not for ourselves, not for Cypress, but for God’s glory. Pray that we will continue relationships with people here in Denver, that we can get them connected to a church body. Pray that they will meet King Jesus and make Him Lord of their lives!

Another prayer request is for energy and endurance. As we hit the halfway mark, our team’s energy is suffering. Pray earnestly the God will renew us daily and that we will seek Him for energy and joy each day!”

Prayer Request Re-cap:

  1. Praises: Praise God for His love and provision. We have so enjoyed getting to know the body of Christ here and they have been such a blessing to us. We want to continue being a blessing to one another!
  2. More Yes’s: Pray that more and more people will decide to visit Cypress church. Not just so they go, but that they may come to know our Lord!
  3. Salvation: Pray for the salvation of those we have met who do not know Christ. Pray that God will open their hearts, minds, and ears to see Him and choose Him.
  4. Energy & Endurance: Pray for us as a team. We are growing weary and need God’s endless energy and joy. Pray that God will renew us and give us the strength we need to go through each day!

Thank you for your prayers, fam.


6.22 / Over in Denver

Last week, Cameron traveled to visit our team in Denver. They were encouraged, uplifted, and challenged by his visit and were thankful for the time with him!

It was a busy week for our team since everyone now has a job. They all go off in different directions during the day, which can be a challenge. That’s because their time together as a group is limited and when they do have moments together, they’re often tired from the long day or week. Please pray for these team members in their busy schedules. Pray that the group will find or make time for each other amidst tiredness. Pray that their relationships continue to grow into healthy community.

Also ask the Lord to bless their work relationships. These have been growing over the summer and we ask for opportunities and boldness. Pray for wisdom and that the Lord will give the team the words to speak.

Many of the team members have had opportunities for deep conversations with people at work or out-and-about. They have been able to invite the people they meet to Cypress (the church plant in Denver that our team is working alongside this summer)!

One exciting bit of news is that the Lord has allowed the guys to meet some new friends out in Denver. They all met while playing basketball out in Washington Park! The guys spoke to these new friends about Jesus and what He has done for us. And they invited them to come to Cypress with the team! They have played basketball with these guys several more times, so we are thankful for these friendships. We are hopeful that they will be receptive of and softened to the Gospel and decide to check out the church. Pray that these new friendships will continue to grow toward Christ. Pray boldly that they will come into a relationship with Him.

Keep sending up prayers to our Father asking Him to change hearts in Denver. Pray that He will continue bringing the team to meet people and deepen relationships. That opportunities to share the Gospel may be in abundance.

Prayer Request Re-cap:

  1. Busyness: Pray that the team will find time to spend together. That this summer would be filled with vibrant community. That their relationships with God will be strengthened and fruitful.
  2. Work Relationships: Pray that relationships at work will continue growing in a godly manner. Ask God to open doors and empower the team to speak truth.
  3. Invitations: Pray for those whom the team has invited to Cypress. Pray that they will be open to the idea and decide to give it a try. Ask the Lord to open their hearts and minds to Him.
  4. New Friends: Pray for the new friends the guys have made. Pray that they will be receptive of the Gospel and choose to follow Christ!
  5. Changed Hearts: Pray boldly for the Lord to move and work in the hearts of the Denver community. Pray that He will bring the lost to Himself.


“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16b


6.14 / Delights in Denver

We have answered prayers, I repeat, answered prayers!
EVERYONE has a job!! Hallelujah!
This is a huge blessing to our team because not only does it give them a schedule for each week, but also it provides opportunities for the Gospel to take root in new places! It’s quite the array of jobs – from nannying to moving furniture – but goodness are we thankful that the team has this unique chance to reach many parts of Denver.

Anyways, the team has so enjoyed their past week. They have had sweet time of fellowship, sharing testimonies, enjoying creation, and building relationships both in the group and through the group!

Cool story time about miraculous relationships!!! –

“We have gotten pretty close to our neighbors on one side- Jeannie and Chad and their 2 daughters. They also have two German shepherds and a little black chihuahua! Almost every day they all come out to their front yard around the same time that we are waiting on dinner to be ready. It’s super neat to be able to hang out with their girls, play with their dogs, get to the know the couple, and enjoy the beautiful Denver weather together.
The other day, I was watching some of our group members talk to and play with this family and it just hit me how blessed we are to be here. It’s such an honor to know that God chose us to be His hands and feet in this city. These people have only known us for a few weeks, yet they have made us feel so welcome. Jeannie loves couponing so she has a whole stash of discounts! Out of this, she’s given us things like laundry detergent and razors. So random, but so cool for us to be blessed by them and then be able to build relationships with them.
Another neat thing is that Jeannie is a fellow believer! She has been praying for a believing family to move into the neighborhood in hopes that this might bring Chad into a relationship with Christ, too. It is so cool that we’ve been able to be that answer to prayer for the summer! Please pray for Chad, that the guys in our group will be able to have meaningful conversations with him, and that his heart will be open to the Gospel!”   -Caroline

6.14 denver pic

So praise the Lord for those relationships they are building with their neighbors!

Moving forward, the team is hopeful and excited. It’s hard to believe how fast each week passes! The team feels like they are finally getting into the swing of things now that they have more set-in-stone schedules. This is such an answer to prayer. It’s never easy to get into a good rhythm when you pick up and move off for a summer. Be praying over their time together as a team. Now that they each have jobs, time together may become more limited. Pray that they will be loving, encouraging, and giving to each other in the times they do have as a group.

Here are some key things that the team would like for us to ask the Lord for:

  1. Wisdom with car issue – Ross’s car broke down again, and he would have to take it back to Auburn for it to be fixed. Please pray that we will have wisdom in how to handle this in the best way.
  2. Transportation – Since we are short a car, getting to work may become difficult. We are not close to any public transportation, so pray that scheduling will work out regardless of these things!
  3. Chad and Jeannie – Pray that our team has the chance to have Gospel conversations with Chad, and that he will understand the Truth and come into the faith family. Pray that Jeannie trusts the Lord’s work and finds strength in Him.
  4. Other Neighbors – We have yet to meet our neighbors on the other side. Pray that God will orchestrate an opportunity for us to meet them and begin a relationship with them.
  5. Work relationships – Continue praying for our relationships at work, that they will grow and take root in Christ. Pray that we are bold in action and conversation to share the love and light of Christ.
  6. Team Dynamic – Pray that we continue growing in our love and encouragement of one another, always bringing Christ to each other.

As always, we so so appreciate every prayer. Keep them coming, God is answering!

6.7 / Denverites Unite

An update from our lovely team out west.

The last two members of the Denver team arrived safely this past weekend! The team is now complete and they could not be happier! They have so enjoyed having everyone together. It was tough to get into a rhythm without the group being complete, but now with everyone there, the whole dynamic of the team has improved! So praise the Lord for answering those requests!

Other exciting news is that two more members got jobs! Thank God for His provision! Three members remain searching for jobs. Not having jobs has been tough on our team in Denver. It is difficult to feel motivated without having a certain place to be and certain people to see. On the brighter side, those who do not have jobs have grown close to each other, so we are thankful for the community God is providing there.


We ask that you pray with much diligence and hope that the remainder of this team will find jobs by this week. It’s a bold prayer, but we have a bold Father. He can move mountains; he can provide jobs. We ask that His will be done, ultimately, but we do seek His provision in this way.

Also pray for their rhythm. This is a continued request. As said before, it is difficult for the team, especially those without jobs, to find a healthy day to day schedule to get into. Pray that they will have wisdom on creating their schedules each day and that their time will be spent with all wisdom from above. The team wants to be meeting people where they live, work, and play. They need God’s divine guidance in this endeavor!
We trust that God gives wisdom when we ask. James 1:5 states that when we ask God for wisdom, He WILL give us wisdom. How comforting that is! So we trust this verse and act on it boldly.

James 1:5
“if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously
to all without reproach and it will be given him.”

Continue praying for those who have jobs that relationships will form quickly between them and their coworkers. Pray that our team seeks opportunities to share the Gospel. And pray that people are open to hearing God’s Word.

Also pray for Cypress Community Church. This is the church plant that our team is working with! Pray that the church will continue to grow and be so grounded in Christ that it is unshakable. Pray that our team will be of great assistance to them in being the hands and feet of Jesus in Denver.

Recap Prayer Request List:

  1. Jobs- pray that everyone will find a job by this week
  2. Rhythm- pray that the team will find a healthy schedule that allows them to meet people and be effective for Christ
  3. Wisdom- pray for God’s wisdom to come over those without jobs as they strive to share the light of Christ in Denver despite not having much structure in their day
  4. Light at Work- pray for those who have jobs that they may form relationships with their coworkers, while living boldly for Christ
  5. Cypress Community Church- pray for growth in this church and pray that our team can help this process

Thank you so much for praying over the Denver team today. We know that prayer is powerful. Our Father in heaven hears us and will carry out His perfect will!

Check back next week for a new update on the Denver team!

5.31 / updates from Denver; job search and adjustment

Hello church family,

Our Denver team continues to get settled into their new summer home. They have found much enjoyment in their time together thus far, and for that we are so grateful! How wonderful of a gift sweet fellowship can be.

They are waiting on the last two team members to arrive, so pray for their safe travels. Also pray that once they do arrive, they will both be able to adjust quickly and feel just as much a part of the group as the others feel.

In the past week, two of the girls started their internships! Please pray for them as they adjust to working in Denver. Pray that they will form healthy relationships with their coworkers and find opportunities to share Christ in the workplace.

Please lift up the rest of the team members who do not have jobs yet. Pray that the Lord will open doors and bless them with jobs soon. It has been difficult for those without work to fill their time well. They have yet to get into a healthy rhythm due to this, and that has become exhausting. Pray for patience and wisdom in this period of waiting, that they may spend the free time God has given them for His glory.

This past Sunday, the team got to go to Cypress, which is the church plant they are partnering with! They had a great time meeting everyone from the church and connecting with brothers and sisters across the country! The team also hung out with a handful of Auburn friends that live out there and they really enjoyed that! Everyone has shown such a warm and welcoming spirit toward the team, which has been very encouraging to them. They so appreciate feeling welcome.

Here is a re-cap of prayer requests from our team in Denver:

  1. Newcomers- pray for the 2 members who are soon to join the team; for safe travels and an easy transition to life in Denver
  2. Light at Work- pray for those with internships that they may build relationships with their coworkers quickly, and that the Lord will open doors for sharing the Gospel
  3. Jobs- pray for those who do not yet have a job, that God will both lead each of them to a job and give them wisdom and patience in the waiting

Thank you for praying over those in Denver this summer. Prayer is powerful, and we know that God hears us when we call to Him.