6.28 / East ‘Bae’sians Return

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It’s hard to believe we are home after 6 weeks in East Asia! Our last week was bittersweet as we said goodbye to our new friends and packed our suitcases to head back to America. There were definitely some tears as we parted from each friend, but we trust that the Lord is sovereign. We are looking forward to sharing how He has blessed us and grown us through our time in East Asia. His plans for our time there were immeasurably more than we could have imagined.

Although we are now home, we know the Father’s work is not finished. We would love for you to be praying for the following:

  1. Our Unbelieving Friends: Pray for the friends we made who have not yet chosen to follow Jesus (Amanda, Samantha, Maggie, Tim, Damian, Jim, Sean, Will, Bryan, Isaac, Gabe, Tyler, and Ben).
  2. Our Believing Friends: Pray for our fellow believers in East Asia, that they will be bold and share with those around them. Pray that they spur one another on in their faith.
  3. Missionaries: Pray that more believers will move to East Asia in order to continue spreading the Gospel to those who have not heard. We have seen first hand how the harvest is PLENTIFUL, but the laborers are few.
  4. Impact: Pray that we will remember the amazing lessons the Lord taught us during our trip. Pray that we will be permanently impacted and changed.
  5. International Students: Pray that we will be spurred on to reach out to international students in Auburn, and wherever else we go. They are here and many have not heard the good news of Jesus. Pray that we seize opportunities to share.

Thank you so much for your commitment to pray for our group over these past 6 weeks. We know that the Lord heard each and every prayer and we feel so blessed to have had everyone’s support while we’ve been away.

-The East ‘Bae’sians



6.20 / Last week in the East

It’s time for an update of this past week in East Asia!

“Last Friday morning we went to a local high school and helped in an English class! We showed the class pictures of our families and what we like to do for fun! The class seemed to enjoy that. We also taught them a game called “the cup game.” By the response we got, we are pretty sure that they will be playing this game for years to come!! At the end of the day, we led small discussion groups to help the students practice their English! They had no problem asking questions about our lives and they freely filled us in on life here in East Asia. We are thrilled we had this opportunity to dive into their lives in such a unique way!

After our trip to the high school, we went to teach English yet again at a camp in another city! Our team along with a believer who lives in the area got to teach about 20 students who ranged from 5 – 18 years old. We really enjoyed exploring another area outside of our main city! During camp we sand songs and played games to help them learn shapes, colors, and numbers! We also had some time for small group discussions and another time for reading. The last day we volunteered at the camp, a local family invited us to come visit their farm. From holding BABY GOATS and SHEEP (#lambs) to climbing nearby sand dunes, you could say we had a pretty good time..!! The family prepared a home-cooked meal for us that was delicious! We even had a chance to share a story from the Bible with the family. What a unique opportunity this was and we so enjoyed all the adventures that this day held!”

Prayer Request List:

  1. The Children – Please pray for both the children from the high school and the children from the English camp. As far as we know, none of them know Christ.
  2. Family on the farm – Pray for the family that invited us to their farm. We do not think they are believers either. We got to share a Bible story with them, so please pray that the Spirit will miraculously move and shed light on the Truth to them.
  3. The Believer – Pray for the fellow believer who helped us in the camp. She is the only Christian in her area. Please pray that our Father will give her perseverance to continue His work. Pray also that more people in her area will turn their lives over to Christ.
  4. College Friends – Pray for our college friends who are hesitant to follow Christ. Pray that we will have the chance to hang out with them more and continue being a light to them.
  5. Intentional – Pray that our team will be so intentional and persistent in the time we have left (less than a week). Pray that the Spirit will open the eyes of these people to see His Truth and love!
  6. Safe Travels – We will be heading home in less than a week. Pray that we have safe and smooth travels back to the States!

Thank you for your prayers! The team has one more week in East Asia before they head home on Monday (June 26th). We trust that the Lord’s plans are perfect and we’re excited to see what He has in store this week!

-The East ‘Bae’sians

6.12 / Message from the East

We have heard 2 new updates from our East Asia team! The team has to get each post approved before they send it our way and sometimes that takes a little longer than other times! So this is the update we received from them for the week leading up to June 12th!

Guys Update:

The guys had an incredible opportunity to read the Bible with Tim this week!! They were able to share the Gospel and their testimonies with him. The passage they chose to read with Tim was one about the life of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross that enables us to have a relationship with Him. They told Tim that all we need to do is ask Christ into our lives and trust Him as our Lord and Savior. Tim was really interested in everything they talked about. He wants to meet up with the guys again to read more of the Bible!! Praise the Lord! Everyone is so excited for this open door. They believe that the Lord is working in Tim’s heart and cannot wait to see how the Father will use them to point Tim to Himself!

The guys also met two new students from a local university. They had the chance to grab lunch with these friends and hang out in their dorm room. The guys are planning to see Will and Adam (their new friends) this week and are so pumped to share the Gospel with them!! The Father has provided such incredible friendships with Will and Adam already!

Another opportunity presented itself for the group to assist with an English class at one of the local universities this past week! During the lesson, the guys met two MORE friends – Gabe and Isaac – and got to grab lunch with them after! The guys hope to hang out with them again soon to get to know them on a deeper level. Please pray the God will provide opportunities for them to meet with Gabe and Isaac again and share the good news!

Girls Update:

The girls were able to spend another day with Samantha this past week! (If you recall from past updates, Samantha is a friend they’ve made who is not from the area, but just there for several weeks. In the last update, she was about to head back home). They spent a few hours making bracelets and then made their way to what they thought was a goodbye-dinner. BUT Samantha had actually postponed her trip home, so the girls are able to spend more time with her! God’s hand is all over this! Samantha is still working to figure out her beliefs, so please continue praying for her- that her heart will be softened and opened to the Truth.

Last week, the girls started reading the Bible with Amanda! It was really exciting to watch the Father work through their language barriers as they made their way through 11 verses. Amanda is coming over to their house again today to read, so please ask the Father to allow this time to be fruitful.

Yesterday, the girls attended a dance class with their friend Mary! They had so much fun trying to figure out the choreography, and I’m sure it was quite a sight to behold!! It was much harder than they expected, but they had a blast! They plan to go back next week to learn some more moves! After dance they met a new friend, Maggie. They got together and talked about Jesus! She had some hesitations so they prayed through those over a cup of coffee. Maggie is SO close to coming to Christ so be praying that she can fully commit to Him!!

As a Group:

“On Sunday night, we had a birthday party for one of the guys on the trip! We decided to use this as an opportunity to hangout with all of our new friends and deepen our relationships. So, of course, we took them all BOWLING! Many of our East Asian friends had never been bowling, so there was laughter through the many gutter balls and cheering through the handful of spares and strikes! It was a night of pure joy with our group and new friends. As we wrapped up the night, we realized that friendships had grown among our East Asian friends! There was much number-swapping going on and we were stoked to see the development of friendships among those we had invited!

At this point in our trip, we have less than 2 weeks left. Though this isn’t a long time, we know that the Father doesn’t work on our time! So please continue to pray for us, that we will not lose focus. Pray that our friends will choose to follow Christ. We would love to watch our friends become our family!!”

-The East ‘Bae’sians

6.6 / Stories from East Asia

In the previous update, the ladies were on their way to hang out with their friend Amanda. And praise the Lord- they were given the opportunity to share with her! Amanda has heard the story before, but she agreed to read with them tomorrow! Pray for her during this time, that her heart would be changed and that language would not be a barrier in their future conversations.

The guys got the chance to go to an archery range with Tim this past Friday and God gave them the opportunity to share with him during this time! Tim agreed that he would read the Bible with them, so be lifting up these men as they will soon talk about the Lord and his Word.

Also in this past week, the ladies met up with Samantha for a fun afternoon. Actually, they ended up hanging out for a total of 7 hours!! Their time was complete with dumplings, coffee, and oil painting! Hanging out with Samantha enabled the girls to invite her into their home. That being said, they asked Samantha to come for dinner and were able to share Christ with her! She is between two claims, trying to decide which to follow. She has read the Bible for quite some time, so please pray for her and ask the Father to show her Truth. She leaves for home this week, so pray that their remaining time with her will be fruitful.

Our fellow believers in East Asia, Kent and Brian, and their roommates invited the team over to their “bachelor pad” for their version of spaghetti and pizza. Turns out, there is no pasta or pizza sauce here, so they resorted to using ketchup. Sounds strange but it was “surprisingly the best East Asian pizza and pasta we have ever had!” It was really encouraging for the team to meet more brothers and sisters in Christ that enjoy a game of signs and Jenga.

The following is for your own personal entertainment:
“In our efforts to learn the local language, we decided to test our knowledge by ordering cream puffs at a nearby bakery. We tried to order 15 of them, three for each of us. Unfortunately, due to translation issues, we ended up with 15 monies worth of cream puffs.. equaling a total of 45 cream puffs! Don’t worry, we ate them all, but you can be praying for our efforts to learn the language used here.”

Recap prayer list:

  1. Amanda and Tim- pray that their time reading the Bible with our team will be fruitful and not hindered by language barriers; that the Spirit will open their hearts and minds to Christ
  2. Samantha- pray that the Spirit will move in her and help her think through these decisions about her faith; that she will come to know the Way; pray that this week with her will be fruitful, especially since she is about to leave
  3. Language- pray for our team as they continue striving to learn some of the language; pray that this will not be a hindrance to their Gospel-sharing
  4. Opportunities- pray for more and more opportunities to share Christ; that the team will be bold in taking those opportunities and share with the confidence they have in Christ

Our God is not American, but He is God of all the people of the earth. He is not limited to the English language, even if we are! We are ever grateful. He is moving in East Asia!

Thankful for your prayers,

-The East “Bae”sians

5.30 / East Asian celebration

We have received encouraging and hopeful updates from our East Asia team this week!

From the girls:
This past week, the Father has been so faithful to us! We have had the opportunity to meet new friends, Rachel, Mary, and Amanda. And we caught up with our friend Samantha. Meeting Mary was so encouraging because she told us that she was a believer and she was so excited to hear that we were too! Not going to lie, there were tears in our eyes when we heard this good news. Meeting fellow believers out here does not happen often. Rachel has been Mary’s friend for over seven years and she was helpful in translating our conversation with Mary. Please be praying for Rachel. She is not a believer, but we are so hopeful as we look forward to sharing with her soon! We have played Bananagrams with the friends we’ve met, which seems to be a useful tool in helping them learn English  -especially “specific words from a specific book ;)”.

Today we are going to lunch with Amanda with the hopes that The Lord gives us an opportunity to share the Gospel with her.

From the guys:
This past week we also have met some new friends! Damian, Jim, Sean, and Tim. The Father is already at work in these relationships, even in how they came about! Here’s how we got to meet them: First, we went to visit Damian at his university campus, and he introduced us to his friend Jim. Neither of them are believers, but we have great hope that they will begin to follow Christ soon! Jim actually asked us to study the Bible with him, so the Father has given us that amazing opportunity to share the Gospel with both Damian and Jim!! Praise the Lord!

One of our friends was planning to introduce us to Sean this week, but Sean actually came and found US, instead! You see, pictures of our group are circulating around, so Sean easily picked us out of the crowd! He then pointed at his phone, asking if we were the people in this picture. We were, in fact, the people in that picture, so we got to connect with him! We plan to hang out with him this week. It was incredible to see how the Lord brought him to us, even when we weren’t looking for him.

We also got to connect with Tim and his friend Amanda. They tried Starbucks for the first time and we taught them how to play Bananagrams! Overall, it was a pretty successful afternoon. Sadly, these new friends are not followers and as of this moment, they are headed for an eternity apart from the Father. We are hoping to visit Tim at the end of this week at his university campus to share our testimonies and the redemptive story of our Father.

So as you think of us, pray for our friends Rachel, Amanda, Samantha, Damian, Jim, Sean, and Tim! Please pray that they will hear the good news and that the Holy Spirit would continue moving here. It takes time to become a believer here, so please pray for patience and urgency as we share Christ with these friends. Tune in next week to hear about all of the wonderful things God is doing here!

-The East “Bae”sians

5.23 / East Asia team update & prayer requests


Time for an East Asia update!

The team has been gone for 1 week and they are adjusting well. They are acclimating to the major time difference and have enjoyed the week so far!

Over the past week, the team explored some of the city. There are beautiful mountains nearby so they took a little excursion together a few days ago! Talk about team building! Also in the past week, God blessed our East Asia team with meeting some college students and relationships are beginning to form. They hope to continue these relationships so they can pour into these students and tell them the incredible truth of the Gospel. Along with learning some of the local language, our team helped teach an English class at one of the local universities!

In East Asia, many people have never seen an American before, and the team told us that they get stared at quite often because of this! The team has had to adjust to the staring, but they are enjoying the people, nonetheless!

Many Ramen noodles and bowls of rice have been consumed.
Many selfies have been snapped.
Many prayers have been answered.
Many prayers continue to be prayed.

The East Asia team anticipates seeing the Lord’s hand more and more over the next 5 weeks. They have already seen many of His blessings, and we join with them in the hope of more to come. Our Father is so faithful and gracious. We trust Him with the work done through and in the East Asia team both now and in the coming weeks.

Please continue praying for safety, health, and opportunities to share the Gospel. We are so thankful for these brothers and sisters of ours. And we are grateful for the doors that the Lord is opening. Let’s bathe the group in continuous prayer over the next 5 weeks.

Pray that our East Asia team will be
“like a tree planted by streams of water
that yields its fruit in its season,
and its leaf does not wither.
In all that [it] does,
[it] prospers.”
Psalm 1:1-3

5.3 / East Asia, here we come!!

Hey there FBO family!!

The East Asia team will be flying out May 16 and will be spending 6 weeks partnering with long-term workers there. Because of the nature of this trip, there aren’t many details that we can provide about what they’ll be doing while there. Here are some specific ways to pray:

  • Safety: pray that their travel would go smoothly and that the Lord would guard them the entirety of their trip.
  • Provision: pray that the Father would continue to provide the funds for all of their team members to go and that they would trust that He is a God who provides for our needs.
  • Expectations: pray that their only expectation would be that God would be exactly who He says He is and, therefore, produce complete surrender to the Spirit as they go.
  • People: pray that the people they encounter would see God and His grace, that He can wipe away all shame because of the blood of Christ.
  • Pray for our team members: B, C, C, J, & J (we want to protect our team by keeping their names private)